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TOP Choice

iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner

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Product Highlights:

  • Built-to-last polypropylene runners to withdraw high traffics and hazardous environments
  • 3 classic colors including grey, brown, and black that fit on all decors
  • Customizable sizes for 3ft, 4ft, and 6ft runners that are as thin as 0.2 inch so they are comfortable to land on
  • Less-dust material means you can clean the runners with vacuum or broom
  • Lightweight and comfortable surface under your feet

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RugStylesOnline CUS1508-36in50ft
Best for houses with pets

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Product Highlights:

  • Affordable and user-friendly nylon, which is not hospitable to molds, water, or abrasion. Even more, it is easy to clean
  • Available in dozens of colors and patterns, such as blue, brown, pink, etc. – just to name a few
  • Rich in sizes: 2 to 50 ft long and 22 to 36 inches wide. No need for additional customization. The thickness is also 0.2 inch
  • Quick cleaning with vacuum since nylon does not accumulate dirt and dust
  • Pet-friendly runners so that playful dogs can apply their wet paws to the carpet to prevent accidental slips
  • US-made and reasonably-priced carpet runner

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ORFA HOME Leaves Hallway Runner
Best for cold weather

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Product Highlights:

  • High-quality polypropylene fabric and careful crafting technique. The carpet runner will last for years
  • Leave designs and brown colors that you feel warm, fuzzy, and soft just by looking
  • A fixed size of 26 inches x 35 feet, along with the 0.35 inch height – standard sizes for all stairs
  • Easy to clean runners. They will always look as new with a vacuum, luke-warm washcloth, and even in washing machine
  • “Set it and forget it” because the stair treads non-slip guarantee without the need for adhesive tape
  • Reasonable price, coming to think of high-quality material and sewing.

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Marash Luxury Collection 25′ Stair Runner
Best budget

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Product Highlights:

  • Durable Olefin fabric lasts for years – an economical investment because you do not need to replace the runners soon
  • Bright and colorful floral patterns add a new luxury look on the stair treads
  • Another standard size of 25 ft long, 26 inches wide, and 8 mm high
  • High points per square meter of 360,000 reflect how careful the manufacturer was when making this stair carpet
  • Non-slip rubber backing improves the safety when runners are used on the stairs.
  • On top of that, the price is surprisingly cheap on par with the reliable quality

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LuxuryCollection 25′ Stair Runner
Best for outdoor treads

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Product Highlights:

  • Economical and reliable Olefin runners, similar to the Marash Luxury Collection in terms of quality and durability
  • Available in four main colors: grey, ivory, blue, and beige which significantly match with modern designs
  • Standard size of 25 ft long, 26 inches wide, and 10 mm high aslo remains a balance of the comfort and nonslip guarantee
  • 1 million points per square meter make the runner even more ideal for heavy-traffic areas
  • Soft feel under the feet is as comfortable as what the wool rug offers
  • Price is within your budget, meanwhile, the runners are durable

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Buying Guides

My In-depth Reviews of The Best Carpet Runner for Stairs

#1: iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner

iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner
iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner

At first glance, the iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner looks quite plain, if not boring, and the colors are limited to black, brown, grey, and charcoal. Some might think this is not worthy of attention given the lack of models that the producer provides. But we confirm that such minimal design makes the runner suitable for almost all decors and surfaces from the long hallway, staircase, deck, and work areas.

Want to know some more good news? The rug is rich in size! You can choose from a variety of existing variations of 3 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet. Otherwise, feel free to contact the manufacturer to get rugs of custom sizes. You can even order a long runner and cut to the lengths on your own. And there is no need to take it to a designing pro, you can take care of the task on your own.

In terms of quality, the rugs are as thin as 0.2 inches, enough to keep your feet warm and comfortable while not causing a thickness on the treads. Moreover, there is nonslip natural rubber backing to guarantee your family’s safety.

However, the dark colors sometimes make specks of dirt visible. Fortunately, you can easily clean them off with a vacuum or broom thanks to the 100% polypropylene construction. This material is also water-resistant and low-weight.

Just for your note, the polypropylene is sensitive to high heat. Thus, you need to avoid direct sunlight. Moreover, heavy furniture can leave marks from the friction heat.



#2: RugStylesOnline CUS1508-36in50ft

RugStylesOnline CUS1508-36in50ft
RugStylesOnline CUS1508-36in50ft

The second choice for the best carpet runner for stairs is the RugStylesOnline CUS1508-36in50ft. Those looking for pet dog stair treads pads will probably take a shine to this. Wanna know why?

First to mention is the material – durable nylon, which accommodates with wear and tear excellently. Thus, you can expect this stairway carpet rug to last for years.

Besides, nylon runners are resistant to water, molding, and abrasion, so the entire rug can remain new over time. For that reason, the cleaning is an ease of mind. Not only does a runner not accumulate dirt and dust, but it can also be quickly cleaned with a vacuum.

Secondly, they help dry wet feet and paws when your children and pet dogs come running on the stairs after having played outside the house. The water will be removed quickly to prevent any accidental slips. What’s more, the rubberized back increases the grip onto the stairs – even the tile floor. However, you still had better use of several carpet tapes to ensure the stair treads nonslip.

On top of that, the nylon runners are both soft for bare feet to put on and firm enough to prevent embedded dirt. With this runner, your pets might want to lie on the stairs the whole day.

Another plus is the numerous colors and vibrant patterns available. Choose one that fits your stairs, and style of decoration will be all but a walk in the park. The pricing is slightly adjusted, yet still affordable.

The big drawback is the limited custom size at 36×50 inches. You can’t cut or trim this runner. Thus, consider the width of your stair carefully before deciding to get it.



#3: ORFA HOME Leaves Hallway Runner

ORFA HOME Leaves Hallway Runner
ORFA HOME Leaves Hallway Runner

Featuring leaves and dark colors, the ORFA HOME Leaves Hallway Runner will fit well with the classic hardwood floors and painted stair treads. Nonetheless, you can still use this rug runner on tiled and ceramic surfaces thanks to its semi-modern design.

The soft and premium polypropylene fabric is the most outstanding feature to praise for this ORFA Home rubber runner mats. They feel soft and skid-resistant just by looking. These rug runners do stay in place excellently and provide extreme comfort under your feet.

Furthermore, this material is resistant to soil, mold, or mildew. It means an effortless cleaning with a regular vacuum, luke-warm washcloth, or even machine washing and steam cleaner. Then, you can just air dry the whole thing. It will not be faded.

True be told, it is hard to get such high-quality rugs at a reasonable price.

The down-stared factor is its size. The length is fixed at 26 inches, while the width is flexible from 2 to 35 feet. Moreover, you can not cut through the runner because the borders are carefully finished to prevent fraying. In other words, it might not fit your stairs as a whole.

However, there is something you might want to pay heed to. The real colors of the product might be a little different from the images. The flower patterns are a bit loosen, and the side borders are light gray.



#4: Marash Luxury Collection 25′ Stair Runner

Marash Luxury Collection 25' Stair Runner
Marash Luxury Collection 25′

The best carpet runner for stairs can be as expensive as a half thousand dollars. However, there are still some budget options to beautify your home and minimize the safety hazards at the same time.

Take the Marash Luxury Collection 25′ Stair Runner, for example.

Our first impression on this runner is its floral designs woven in vibrant colors. These patterns go well with classic wood stairs and bright ceramic stairs – which happen to be what we have at home.

Surprisingly enough, the points per square meter (PPSM) is up to 360,000 from the top of the runner backing. In other words, the runner is superbly durable and slip resistant. Also, all the edges are finished to increase the product’s lifespan.

Too good to be true at an affordable price?

Well, there is actually a reason for this. The 100% Olefin helps reduce the price because the cost production is less than that of nylon and synthetic. But this has its own downside, Olefin carpets are neither as long-lasting nor as resilience as the two materials.

Nevertheless, the Olefin is well-known for its moisture-resistant ability, making it also ideal for outdoor pet dog stair treads. As a result, the Marash Luxury Collection 25′ Stair Runner dries quickly. Moreover, the material is not hospitable to mildew, mold, direct sunlight, and ultraviolet rays.

To improve its quality for long-term usage, we suggest periodic dry cleaning and regular vacuum. In case of spills, immediately remove the speck of dirt with a cloth or a clean sponge.

We also like that the Olefin fabric is as nearly soft and comfortable as wool material. Not to mention, the 8-mm pile height is supportive enough to provide a great sense of comfort under your feet.



#5: LuxuryCollection 25′ Stair Runner

LuxuryCollection 25' Stair Runner
LuxuryCollection 25′ Stair Runner

LuxuryCollection 25′ Stair Runner comes as the last choice of nonslip stairway carpet rugs, yet obviously not the least well-worth one. All in all, the features are nearly as similar to those of the Marash Luxury Collection.

Specifically, this runner is also 26 inches wide and 25 inches long. This size fits almost all standard staircases. Moreover, the material is also 100% heat Olefin.

For that reason, the quality of the rug is obviously beyond question. It is also durable and resistant to stain, abrasion, mildew, and even sunlight. What’s more, you will get a luxurious feel beneath your bare feet when walking on the top of it.

The main differences are the points per square meter and the patterns.

When it comes to LuxuryCollection 25′ Stair Runner, the PPSM is 1 million points – three times higher. It means better construction and durability. The patterns and colors, however, are less varied. There are only three choices available to be exact, which are gray, ivory, to blue.

Anyway, we are not defending the producer or anything, but these colors are a great match for modern and minimalist decorating style. And these are the common choices of almost every homeowner these days.



What to Look for When Buying A Carpet Runner for Stairs?

It is the best practice to read the buying guide carefully before buying anything. That being so, when it comes to the best carpet runner for stairs, you must take these following factors into mind.

Materials of the stairs

What to go with hardwood stairs and tiled stairs?
What to go with hardwood stairs and tiled stairs?

Some buying guides for carpet runners might skip this factor. However, the stair materials are the very first thing to consider.

First off, this determines what carpet you should be after. For example, the exposed wood stairs are often less slippery than the glass or tiled stairs. Therefore, you can go for carpeting on stairs with thin cushions.

Moreover, the materials affect the runner’s looks. The wooden stairs look traditional and vintage, which matches with various patterns and colors. Meanwhile, bare runners are ideal for modern and cutting-edge glass stairs.

Finally, they decide how to install carpet runners. For example, you will need an adhesive tape on the tiled surfaces. Meanwhile, you can use nails in hardwood stairs.

Materials of the carpet runner

A rule of thumb: Choose the materials which are durable, sound-absorptive, and dust-free because stairs are likely to be the most heavy-traffic area in your house.

Wool runners are a luxury choice because of its superb durability and less maintenance. Nonetheless, the price might make you hesitate a bit. In this case, we suggest the wool-mix runner stair installations. The blend of wool and natural fibers means a more affordable selection.

In addition, synthetic and polypropylene carpet runners are moisture-resistant, so they are ideal for outdoor or basement areas.

The runner width and thickness

Do not mistake the carpet runner for the full carpet!
Do not mistake the carpet runner for the full carpet!

The main difference between the rug runners and other carpets is that they do not cover the staircases entirely. This not only enhances the runners durability, but the few-inch exposed part on either side will also show off the classic or modern look of your stairs.

75-percent coverage is recommended to guarantee physical security for your family members, while it still beautifies your sweet home.

For example, 27-inch rugs are suitable for 3-feet wood tread stairs. And 32-inch runners are excellent choices for 4-feet stairs.

In terms of thickness, it is a common mistake that the thicker rugs are better. In contrast, the thick runner mats or rug carpets feature lots of air, making them noisier and, by all means, dust magnets!.

If you are worried about the noise and slipper-proof problems of the bare wood, keep scrolling as we have the right solution.

Additional underpad and cushion

It is optional, but you should choose a rug and carpet runner with underpads or cushions. These rug pads provide excellent protection from safety hazards while remaining the thinnest and most comfortable feelings for the runners.

Remember to choose the pad shorter than the runner so that your runner can still grip the stair treads firmly.
Moreover, the ideal thickness of the pads or cushions is ¼-inch.

Colors and patterns

The patterns must match with the home decor
The patterns must match with the home decor

Unlike carpet treads, carpet runner has bunches of designs and colors available for your choice. However, take notices of the stair materials and the overall home decor.

Some recommendations for your reference:

Furthermore, you had better choose small patterns. Large patterns are not even on the tread and riser.


As we mentioned above, the winner of the best carpet runner for stairs round is the iCustomRug Synthetic Carpet Runner. This is thanks to their flexibility in sizes, patterns, and colors, not to mention the high-quality and non-slip material. Although some argue that this is a bit pricey for a stair rug, we promise that it is worth every penny as it can keep the elderly, kids, pets, and guests secure from accidental slips over the stairs.

Better safe than sorry, you know!

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