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Best Overall

Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug
by Safavieh

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Product Highlights:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ for the living room, bedroom, and dining room.
  • 20 different colors that are suitable for casual and minimalist styles.
  • Synthetic fibers that are durable and non-shedding.
  • Fewer chances of fading dyes mean you can wash it every 2 or 3 months.
  • Lightweight makes transportation easier.

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nuLOOM RZBD16H Area Rug
Most Comfortable

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Product Highlights:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ for all areas in the bedrooms.
  • 8 different colors with stylish patterns that match traditional and bohemian home styles.
  • Polypropylene material that gives a soft and fuzzy feeling.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with simple devices. You can wash it every 8 or 9 months
  • Excellent resilience – perfect for kids and pets.

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Superior Pastiche Area Rug
Easy Cleaning

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Product Highlights:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ for the dining rooms.
  • 4 different colors with floral patchwork patterns that suit with casual settings.
  • Polypropylene material that is resistant to molding and moisture.
  • Effortless cleaning with vacuum daily. You should wash it every couple of weeks.
  • Low thermal conductivity gives warmth in winters and coolness in summers.

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NaturalAreaRugs Natural Fiber Area Rug
Most Luxurious

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Product Highlights:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ for the living rooms.
  • 16 different color options for both formal and casual rooms.
  • Jute material that is safe for your skin.
  • Cleaning requires complete drying and should be done every 12 months.
  • Reversible design allows it to be used on both sides.

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RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug
Best Design

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Product Highlights:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ for the family rooms.
  • 6 different color options that go perfectly with Moroccan and traditional furniture.
  • Polyester material that is durable and eco-friendly.
  • Completely easy cleaning with the machine-washable feature. You should have it washed every 6 months.
  • The 2-piece rug system allows it to be replaced when one has become worn.

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Buying Guides

My In-depth Reviews of The Best 8 x 10 Area Rugs Under $300

#1 Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug

Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug
Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug

At first glance, you may find the Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug a little boring due to the plain appearance. However, we guarantee that every Safavieh rug comes with unbearably high quality and cool features that are worth appreciating.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about color. This rug is available in 20 different colors. All of them are fashionable and can suit almost every area in your home. Why is it? Because the style of the rug is casual and minimalist, making it perfect to be put in any room.

It is not a coincidence that Safavieh is a trusted brand in home furnishings. They have been providing quality craftsmanship for over 100 years. The material of this rug has proven it! It is made of synthetic, an undeniably durable material. The synthetic fibers are easy to dye and can resist stains and water, which reduces the risks of breaking down and wearing away.

Along with that, it is applied with plush texture which is 2 inches high, bringing a super soft feeling under the feet. Many users have admitted that with this rug, it feels like they are walking on a cloud. Yes, it is true with the thick and lush fluffy part!

Not only that, but it is also constructed in an impeccable way. To be more specific, the rug is expertly power-loomed in Turkey with high-density yarn. This means the rug is virtually non-shedding and can last longer. Even more, the dye does not fade much though being tossed hardly.

Furthermore, it is completely lightweight. The overall weight is only 12 lbs, making it easier to transport. If you are the one who wants to change the home style regularly, this Safavieh rug is totally suitable for you. Transferring it to a new place is now a breeze!

However, there is one thing you should take into consideration is that the color of the rug can be slightly different from reality due to the variances in computer monitor screens.



#2 nuLOOM RZBD16H Area Rug

nuLOOM RZBD16H Area Rug
nuLOOM RZBD16H Area Rug

Coming in 8 different colors with various patterns, it is undeniable that the nuLOOM RZBD16H Area Rug has a stylish and versatile look.

According to the manufacturer, the rug is inspired by Moroccan, making it suitable for a wide range of home styles, such as contemporary, traditional, mid-century modern, and even bohemian. Thus, users can choose from these 8 unique colors to suit your settings.

Combined with that, the pile height is only 0.37 inches, making it an absolutely good option if you are seeking a bedroom rug. The pad is thick enough to provide adequate warmth in order for you to avoid cold feet every morning waking up.

What is more, it is made of 100% polypropylene. This material is known to be relatively inexpensive and possesses great resistance to moisture, mold, and abrasion, and thus, the entire rug can remain good as new over time. For that reason, the cleaning is an ease of mind. It can also be quickly cleaned with a vacuum or a carpet cleaner.

Moreover, the high-quality materials are guaranteed with resistance to common spills, allowing you to confidently sit on the rug, working and drinking coffee or tea and minimizing the possibility of slipping while running atop it. Besides, it helps to dry wet feet after going outside to prevent any accidental slips as the water will dry quickly.

The only problem is that it is not durable enough to be put in high traffic areas. And that is also why you should place it in the bedroom.



#3 Superior Pastiche Area Rug

Superior Pastiche Area Rug
Superior Pastiche Area Rug

Certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the Superior Pastiche Area Rug meets all of the environmental and safety requirements. Its fabrics and textiles which are used to craft this product are free of harmful chemicals, causing no harm to human health.

On the outside, it has an alluring design. There are 4 different color options, which are Burgundy, Camel, Ivory, and Chocolate. They are all dark colors, making the rug look less dirty and thus, a perfect choice for dining rooms where people accidentally spill food from time to time.

In addition, it comes with oversized floral patchwork patterns that are ideal for placement in both casual and formal settings. Not only is it beautiful but it also adds more warmth to the dining rooms. In short, the oversized patterns allow the rug to be put under the dining tables without being blocked from vision.

Furthermore, it is crafted from 100% polypropylene fiber, one of the lightest synthetic fibers. Also, it does not absorb moisture but quickly transports the moisture into the atmosphere, slowing down the growth of mold or mildew.

Along with that, made of polypropylene, the rug has all the advantages that a synthetic product should have. It is fire retardant and mothproof. That is wonderful, isn’t it? Even if you happen to drop something burning onto the rug, you can stamp out without leaving much clear singe. Besides, the mothproof feature does contribute a lot to the longer lifespan of the rug.

With a thickness of 0.3 inches, this Superior rug is ultra-soft. But the most interesting thing lies in its sturdy jute backing. This not only provides more padding to the rug, but it also has a low thermal conductivity that allows warmth in cold seasons and coolness in hot seasons.

As the rug is hydrophobic, cleaning is an easy task. You just need a vacuum to wipe away soil and dust. However, it has one minor drawback, which is the odor of the new rug. You might have to bear with it for several days until it is completely cleared.



#4 NaturalAreaRugs Natural Fiber Area Rug

NaturalAreaRugs Natural Fiber
NaturalAreaRugs Natural Fiber

If you are looking for a high-quality rug made of natural fibers at an appropriate price, then this NaturalAreaRugs Natural Fiber Area Rug is a perfect choice. The Natural Area Rugs (NAR) brand has more than 50 years of experience and has now been a trustworthy importer and manufacturer in the United States.

Coming in 16 color options with different patterns, the NAR offers a rich variety of styles for users to choose from. They all have neutral tones that make the rugs perfect for both formal and casual places. Still, many designers recommend that it is the most ideal when placed in the living rooms due to its luxurious design.

Along with that, it is made of 100% jute. This jute material has a lot of advantages. It is breathable with low thermal conductivity. With this feature, the rug is able to pass the temperature slowly, making it warm during winter and cool during summer. Besides, it is natural and eco-friendly and causes almost no irritation to the skin. This means your children can lie safely on the rug without ending up with rashes and itches.

Even more, it is individually handwoven by artisan rug crafters with the finest material. This indeed enhances the quality of the rug through and you will get a comfy feel beneath your bare feet when walking on the top of it. More interestingly, it is reversible, which means you can use both sides of the rug.

Furthermore, the border is made from cotton, preventing the fibers from loosening and thus, making the rug more durable. The cotton border also contributes to the traction of the rug and avoiding displacing when it comes to energetic pets.

Nevertheless, you should remember that its material is sensitive to high heat. Hence, please make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight to prolong its lifespan.



#5 RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug

RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug
RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug

The last product we would like to introduce to you today is the RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug. It is a product of the RUGGABLE brand that is a unique manufacturer of washable rugs with the patented system.

The rug comes with 6 different colors, including blue/green, black, gray/silver, naturals, white & cream, and multicolor. Also, users can choose from a wide range of styles, from Moroccan, traditional, to modern and contemporary. Its made-to-order design makes the rug become a good choice for the family rooms, where various wonderful patterns can be displayed clearly without any object on.

The most fascinating thing in Ruggable rugs is the machine washable 2-piece rug system. This system consists of a decorative layer on the top and a pad on the bottom. To be more specific, the top layer is applied with patterns and can be washed by washing machines. Meanwhile, the bottom layer is well-cushioned with the ability to resist slipping that helps to grip the floor better.

Some users may worry that the cover will not be attached securely to the pad, but in fact, the patented technology helps the two layers cling to each other very well. And that is not all! Whenever you need to wash the rug, what you need to do is to remove the top layer, wash it, wait until it is dry, and then put it back.

As far as material is concerned, both layers are made of 100% polyester with the pad made from recycled plastic bottles and thermoplastic resin. The polyester material is free of wrinkles, heat-resistant, and durable. So wonderful, right? If you have children or pets, you won’t be worried about the daily wear-and-tear when your they lie down and play on the rug.

What is more, the RUGGABLE 160526 Area Rug in particular and Ruggable rugs in general, contain very few allergens, making it safe for kids to lie on. Also, it is water repellent and stain resistant, which can deal with everyday wear-and-tear.

Although the Ruggable brand offers a wide range of vivid color options, the color is known to be a little brighter than that shown on the screens. Hence, users may need to check the color carefully before making an order.




As we mentioned above, the winner of the best 8 x 10 area rugs under $300 is the Safavieh SG151-1313 Area Rug. This is thanks to their flexibility in patterns and colors that match any home style and décor. Besides, the synthetic material is durable, ultra-soft, and non-shedding, not to mention high-quality delivery. Although some argue that there are some differences between the images on the computer monitor screens, we promise that it is worth every penny as all of their rugs are vibrant.

And now, it’s your turn to make a purchase!

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