Carpets are a type of furniture that many homeowners have difficulty choosing because today there are so many different designs, materials, and colors. No matter what style of home decor you have, there will always be a carpet color to match it.

Check out some of the most popular researched colors and learn about the three main types of carpet tones to see what indoor spaces will these colors fit into.

Best carpet colors for bedrooms

The bedroom is the place to rest after a hard-working day, so the color of the bedroom must also bring homeowners a warm, safe and peaceful feeling.

So, how to choose a carpet to make your bedroom warmer? Here are 4 common color carpets used in bedrooms.

– Red

Red Carpet for Bedrooms
Red Carpet for Bedrooms

Red is the color representing enthusiasm and success. Decorating a red carpet for the bedroom is one of the best choices to bring warmth and heat to your room. The red carpet can be easily combined with other interior colors inside the room to provide an impressive, comfortable and relaxing space.

– Light yellow

Light yellow for bedroom
Light yellow for bedroom

In addition to red, the other color that many people choose is light yellow. This color gives people comfortable, pleasant living space. Besides, this color brings high aesthetic value, gives you luxurious living space and creates the eye-catching at first sight. You should choose a ruffled carpet, this will be a highlight when combined with the lighting effect.

– Wine or pink

wine or pink carpet for bedroom
Wine or Pink carpet for bedroom

For the bedroom space of newlyweds, the first factor to consider is romance. Therefore, when choosing a carpet, pink or wine color is highly recommended because these colors will give people a sense of tranquility and romance.

– Neutral colors

Neutral colors carpet for bedrooms
Neutral colors is the best

The modern interior space using neutral colors is a smart choice to create a warm bedroom. In addition to choosing neutral carpets, you should also use wooden floors to add elegance and closeness to bedroom space. This is a perfect choice for interior space if you like this kind of warm, close beauty.

Popular carpet colors for living rooms

The living room is a frequently used space and especially a place to welcome guests, making an impression on them. Therefore, the selection of the living room carpet should be meticulous and consistent with the function of this space.

Color is an important factor to consider when choosing a carpet for your living room, as it will be a color balance or a special highlight for your space.

If you have trouble choosing the right carpet color, here are some popular carpet colors that I recommend for you.

– Light or neutral

Neutral colors carpet for living room
Light is the best colors carpet for living room

This color is suitable for narrow space, a bright color can make your living room look larger. Not only that, but these colors also bring a luxury feeling. If you want a harmonious and gentle space, you can choose neutral colors such as beige, lemon yellow, light blue to create a softer feel. This also makes your living room wider when the colors are not too opposite.

– Dark

Dark carpet fussy for the living room
Dark carpet fussy for the living room

If you prefer a cozy but modern living room, you should choose dark tones. These colors will make your room more attractive. People often prefer dark tones such as brown, black, charcoal because they help their living room become harmonious, luxurious and classier than ever.

– Warm or hot


If you want your living room to have a highlight, make an impression on new people entering the living room for the first time, you can choose the hot, warm colors such as red, hot yellow, purple… The brilliance colors will also dispel the gloomy atmosphere in the living room.

– Colorful

Colorful carpet for living room
Colorful carpet for living room

If you want your room to look cleaner, you can choose carpets that combine about 2-3 colors. The stains will be less visible and your space will always feel clean. Besides, colorful carpets will create a highlight if you have a minimalist living room with a single color.

There are many color options for living room carpets. You can choose one-color or multi-colored carpets with a simple or meticulous pattern. Depending on the style and interior of the living room, you can choose the most suitable color for your space. You should choose a color similar to the wall paint or sofa set. You can even choose a completely contrasting color to make your living room more impressive.

Carpet trends for 2020

– Colorful pattern

Colorful carpet in living room
Colorful carpet in living room

2020 is predicted to be a year filled with joyful and eye-catching colors, so the trend of housing design and furniture selection is also affected.

The striking colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple… combined with fancy motifs will take the throne and become an extremely impressive highlight for your home.

If you also love the striking colors and prefer modern interior designs but are equally impressive, consider finding a colorful carpet.

– Vintage style

Vintage style
Vintage style

Vintage carpets often give the room a sense of aristocracy and luxury, so it is the first choice of villa architecture. And despite the current trend of modernity, the vintage style still maintains its foothold in the field of interior decoration.

Vintage style is unique by the patterns radiating in the same concentric continuously, making a strong impression on anyone who sees. This makes every visitor come to your home feel the harmony of all the details, even the smallest.

Vintage style often takes colors like red, yellow or brown as the main. These tones represent luck and abundance.

A vintage carpet is usually in the form of a circle or a rectangle. The motifs are usually flowers, birds and stylized animals with the meaning of joy and luck.

– Honey Yellow

Honey Yellow Carpet
Honey Yellow Carpet

Honey yellow is the leading trend color in 2020. This color represents creativity, youthfulness and modernity.

Said to represent Gen-Z, this color represents the enthusiasm and energy of the younger generation.

A honey-yellow carpet will be suitable for you to make an impression in the living room or lounge.

– Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue carpet
Dusk Blue Carpet (illustration)

The dusk blue color is said to suit any home’s space. This color tone makes the room feel gentle, innocent but still attractive.

Inspired by the pure water and its color, dusk blue is one of the colors that is expected to hit the waves in 2020 by its simplicity but sexy.

The dusk blue carpet creates a sense of relaxation for homeowners so they are suitable for the living room, bedroom or reading room.

– Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe Carpet
Cantaloupe Carpet

Cantaloupe is considered as the color that will become the trend for furniture in 2020 by the comfort but no less enthusiasm that it brings.

It’s a more active color that can bring us positive feelings, inspiration, and courage to accept the challenges ahead.

A cantaloupe carpet will not only help you impress the people you visit the house but also give you positive energy whenever you see it.

– Cloud Pink

Cloud Pink Carpet
Cloud Pink Carpet

Cloud pink is a gentle, lovely color, suitable for modern young people who follow the youthful and dynamic style.

If you have a minimalist living room, placing a cloud pink carpet will be an interesting highlight to make a difference but still, show your personality.

For the bedroom, a cloud pink carpet will make you feel light, relaxed.

– Sky Blue

Sky Blue Carpet for Living Room
Sky Blue Carpet for Living Room

Sky blue is also the color trend of 2020 because it can bring a gentle and interesting feeling to your home.

Owning a sky blue carpet is like walking in the clouds when stepping on it.

This gentle blue also can make you feel comfortable after a stressful working day.

Trust me, owning a sky blue carpet will fascinate you the moment you see it.

Last words!

I know, choosing a suitable carpet for your house is very difficult.

Hopefully, with the suggestions on colors and patterns above, you can choose for yourself a carpet.

Remember, no matter what kind of carpet you choose, besides fitting the space and furniture, the carpet also needs to express your own unique personality and imprint.

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