Given a small space for the creation of an environment, every element inside the room counts and could pave way for a big impact to be made. Interior Designers have tricks up their sleeve for arranging interior for the best spatial outcome.

And for the definition of furniture being mentioned, carpets are one of those items that could be put into great advantage if chosen correctly.  Specifically with the case of using carpet to maximize the room effect, it is the color techniques that is being put to great use. In this article, we will be examining on certain tricks to maximize the designated space for particular small rooms,  that all originates from just the right type of carpet.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

Carpet patterns

Being given a small room, the last thing you would want is a carpet full of patterns. The busy patterns on a particular carpet would requires a process of visual decoding. Proven by visual psychology theory, the brain needs to pull up constant activities to unload the meaning of the pattern, or just to make meaning of the colors and design being imprinted. Hence, it is of an automatic process that the room would appear smaller with a densely patterned carpet.

Another type of pattern that is best for room enlarging purpose is tone-on-tone carpeting. The color on tone-on-tone carpeting have such a subtle shading effect, which are not too ornate and not distracting the attention from other features inside the room.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

Also, with regards to carpet style, the cut-loop and structured grid pattern could do wonders too. the selective cuts of a few of the loops without changing the color will help increase the visual effect the carpet create for its bigger environment. Nonetheless, the differences in texture of the has quite a significant result upon visual interest. These factors combined help enhance the appearance of small spaces.

What is more, subdued carpets are also considered an ideal choice for furniture with room enlarging effect. These kinds of carpets blend perfectly with all the items inside the room and also the walls. As a result, a sense of coherence is created, paved ways for the feeling of larger space within.

Subdued carpets, moreover, constitute as a choice of wonder for home offices or other space room which receive a large amount of foot traffic.

For the case of small bedroom, the best option is to go for a textured and plush carpet. For excessive use of carpet, the big pattern game is also favored, which is using identical carpeting of smaller size to make the space look bigger and organized in one harmony.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

Carpet colors

Once the patterns have been decided, the color serves as the next big game to play around. Normally for small spaces, neutral and light colors are much favored thanks to its ability to capture and reflect light.

Unlike dark colors, light colored carpets do not soak in light, but rather reflect it back up in the air. This process help create the effect of larger space. One thing to note in mind is that the carpet color chosen should be matching with the wallpaper or paint.

If practiced widely, the total effect combined will make the room appear much bigger. Lighter shades of blue or green are often known as relaxing colors as well. Hence, the shade of mild blue or green are perfect for bedrooms.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

When it comes to living rooms, neutral tones such as sandstone, beige or light gray colors would offer the best result. Neutral tone not only help create an overall feeling of mild temperature and sensation, but also help enhance the visual availability of the room.

Another trick, besides patterns or color specialization, is to install carpets without seams. The seams normally seen on carpet usually diverge the eye, making it automatically divide the space into smaller sections.

Of the opposite effect, seamless carpeting makes the flooring surface to appear like one big space unit. Again, the coherence and organization is created, hence one big sense of harmony would be combined to make the room virtually bigger than usual.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

Carpet size

Another factor that play an important role in determining the visual effect the carpet might bring is the size of the carpet. In a small room, not that you need to have a big carpet to increase the coverage. The key lies in the proportion. The carpet needs to be proportional to the size of the room, such that it can complement, or can directly be considered the focal point of the room, revealing the spaces between, so that the room appearance is logical and pro rata. By this way, the actual size of the room is being wisely maneuvered to create the best visual impact.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

The rule of thumb is smaller size and smaller patterns for smaller room. Also, different try-outs and virtual imagination is needed upon determining what is the best option for this visible floor space. Also, the carpet itself need to blend in line with other furniture and compliment them whatsoever. For instance, a small room with little furniture can handle a little bit bigger pattern, while small room densely packed with items should owes the most minimal carpet if could.

What kind of carpet makes a room look bigger

To sum up

All in all, it is the application of color techniques and clever contrast that generate a bright and inviting feeling for the space. Besides making use of furniture items, we should not forget the wonders those natural element such as lighting and air could create.

One final word , to sum up the whole article in one sentence, the best type of carpet for a room enlarging effect is a carpet of bright color, with proportional size to the space given, and with complementing patterns in lines with existing furniture. All these factors combined could make even the smallest room seem inviting, clean and neat.

In the end, using carpet with proper consideration upon its features constitute one of many ways to make a room look bigger. However, the one key thing to bear in mind in the first place, is to cut the cutter and keep the room as clean as possible. The most space-consuming class of things are those unnecessary clutter. With things neatly arranged, the space in view would 70% be orderly and open, creating comfortable visual impacts.

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