On the same par of development with hardwood flooring, carpet has thrived for more than a century to be of the go-to option when it comes to flooring option. One’s peak means the decline of the other, hence the friend-enemy type of relationship between carpet and wooden floor.

For years, these two options have always alternated to take the first place. A decade ago, when more modern lifestyle is heavily promoted, hardwood flooring seems to take the first place hence carpeting witness the age of subtle downgrade. However, the coping mechanism behind everything and behind carpet itself is bring it back to the game stronger than ever.

Is Carpet still Popular in Bedrooms?

Carpeting: a slight moment of decline in the past decades.

If you are reaching your mid-thirties, you probably grew up with the trend of classic wall to wall carpet. Every household in America has for itself at least one carpet, not that I mention one room with full carpet flooring.

And it is that type of wall to wall carpet that went out of style a decade ago. Carpet once was considered unneat, fussy and anything but a luxury features at a normal household. However, the development and twist-turning of this trend has made carpet a comeback with a few disctinctive and advanced features for not only the function, but also in the sense of aesthetics.

Carpeting: making it a statement comeback in trend

The above mentioned reference to the past was only to briefly outline the path of carpet on the trendy race of flooring option. Nowadays, innovations and modern beauty standards have urge designer and manufacturer to breed the new definition of modern carpet, which is rising back in trend. For now even, the sleek yet minimal surge, followed with the rise of laminate or hardwood flooring calls for here and there ornaments with the soft touch and feel of carpet.

The coming back in trend of carpeting can be widely seen from even our day to day activities of normal homemaker. We don’t specifically need to the designer or architecture of the feel to get in touch with the most updated news from the industry. By daily activities, surfing around pinterest or browsing any random magazine, we can see there is rising trend, and the inevitable inclusion of at least one piece of carpet in interior décor of any kind.

There must be a reason for this upsurge of carpet, and all must lies in the benefit carpeting brings toward users, let alone its promoted sense of aesthetics.

Carpeting and the wonders it brings

To name but a few, the following are rationale behind the much favor being given to the use of carpeting.

Comfort and softness:

Carpet prevents the touch of our bare feet to the cold ground, and thus the fiber generates such sensation of warmth and softness on the touch. The softness and comfort carpet given represent the relaxation of home haven, yet stimulate such sense of relaxation upon sight and touch.

Noise reduction and insulation:

To an unarguably great extent, carpet help reduce noise and regulate room temperature. No one would favor a room with clanking noice of moving people, and moving items. Speaking of the insulation effect, room with carpet usually have much milder temperature than the room which doesn’t, as the material used for carpets can absorb heat to a considerable extent. These features are highly favorable in cold environment, or in cold seasons to speak.

The noise reduction features also help minimize the noise transmitting to the room beneath, speaking of storied accommodation. The presence of carpet help muffle every footstep for the room below.

Scratch prevention and underneath floor maintenance

Carpets are often sandwiched between furniture and the floor. While moving these items around without the furniture leg cover or carpet, the legs of these furniture could easily leave such undesirable marks upon the floor. Especially for housing with alternate use of laminate or hardwood flooring under smaller span of carpet, the existence of these fiber flooring would help preserve the beauty and longevity of the floor underneath.

Aesthetic appeal

The use of carpet surely injects colors and velvety finish to the designated area. Just a simple inclusion of a piece or carpet could easily help the room step up its appearance game and achieve such a vibe of luxury. Also, a wise use of carpet could play a key role in blending all factors of the room together, thus create a unified and coherent space.

When furniture and wall paint does not necessarily match each other, the inclusion of one piece of carpet, of the neutral tone between the two, would generate such blending effect and sure be the saviors of the room. Also, for room being sparsely furnished, adding a piece of carpet could create a new focal point for the room to be less bare and more of the decorative side.

Budget friendly, compared to other types of flooring

Luxury wooden floor is sure more expensive than a floor with carpet. The whole process of flooring the house with wood definitely hurt your budget small, even from smaller installation cost to material expenditure. Financial element, most of the time, have such weight in determining the applicability of one products.

Final verdict

With all simple social symptoms witnessed, coupled with all those advantages fostered as above, there is sure one statement that carpet is still of popular trend in general, especially for bedroom in particular. The use of carpet in bedroom, above all, stimulate the utmost sense of relaxation much needed in a place of haven like bedroom. Also, its features of insulation and noise cancelling suits more than whatsoever in terms of complimenting its fit for an area such as bedroom.

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