Many homeowners find it difficult to choose a carpet that fits their needs and home but still has a reasonable price.

The bad news is that the price of carpets is usually fixed, so it is hard for every family to own a carpet that fits into their budget.

However, there are still special months that if you buy a carpet at that time, you will get lots of promotions and easily own the carpet at a cheaper price than usual.

To know what is the best month to buy a carpet, you need to know a simple principle of the buying-selling market: that is, when consumer demand is low, products will be cheaper; When demand is high, prices of products will also be high.

Understanding that, you will know the best time to buy a carpet is the time when shopping demand for furniture is lower than usual.

So, when does that happen?

The best months to buy new carpet are:

Here is why

Festive season

This is the time when everyone is busy and worry about post-Christmas fees. If not, they are enjoying some travel, not at home. Therefore, people do not think about buying something new during this time because they are under pressure with all kinds of expenses after Christmas.

best month to buy carpet
Before & after Christmas is a good time to buy carpets

If you want a new carpet for your home, save your money and wait until this time, although I know that, after Christmas, everyone’s budget is tight. But that’s why this is a golden opportunity to buy new carpets at great prices.

The best month to buy carpet: December 20th to January 15th. (after 15th people will know how much their tax refunds is and they’ll start shopping)

School’s out

Children have final tests and adults start planning their holidays this time. People are also busy preparing for Memorial Day events. Therefore, buying a carpet is not everybody’s priority. This is a great time for you to negotiate a carpet at a reasonable price.

The best month to buy carpet: May 14th to June 10th. (after this time, people tend to prepare for redecorating the house before children back to school)

School’s back

This is the time when people take a break and enjoy the last days of summer vacation. Children also begin to return to school and must adapt to new things at school. Therefore, few people will think about shopping at this time and there are still 4 months left until Christmas.

The best month to buy carpet: early in September (after that, people will think of preparing for Christmas)

What is the worst month to buy new carpet?

Besides the best times to buy carpet at a bargain price, there are also times you should avoid buying carpets:

Here is why:

Tax refunds months

People receive their tax refunds and become richer than usual, so people often have a budget for buying new furniture, including carpets.

The time you should avoid: February 14th to April 30th

You should avoid buying a carpet at this time because consumer demand will increase.

Summer months

In front of the new school year is the best time for people to decorate their house and move to their new home because of the beautiful weather. Therefore, furniture needs will be higher than normal.

The time you should avoid: July 1st to August 31st

Pre-holiday months

Before Christmas is the time when people buy and decorate their own home to welcome friends and relatives. Everyone wants their home to look more beautiful and cozy before the new year. Therefore, the demand for buying furniture is extremely high during this time, you should avoid buying carpet on this occasion.

The time you should avoid: October 15th to December 10th

Where can you buy carpets at bargain prices?

Big-box stores

No doubt, big-box stores contain almost everything you need for your home. They appear everywhere and you can easily shop without having to drive too far from home.

Another advantage of big-boxes is that they have a variety of carpets for you to freely choose from different brands, you can touch your hands to try the carpet material and receive dedicated advice from the staff there.

On special occasions (as I mentioned above), these stores often have shock discount programs, and this is your chance to hunt cheap carpets for your home.

Home Depot, Ashley Furniture and Lowe’s are reputable brands that you can visit.

Shop-at-home service

Shop-at-home service is very popular recently because of its convenience. You don’t want to drive too far to buy carpet or waste time going to the store to pick up the goods? Don’t worry, all you need to do is go online, make an appointment with a salesperson, note the description of the carpet you need & then, he or she will bring the carpet samples to your home. Too handy, right?

These service providers do not have to spend money on hiring a store. They also do not need too many employees so their operational cost is not too large. Therefore, you will find that the price of carpet purchased from these providers is not too expensive.

However, its disadvantage is that there is no variety of carpets for you to choose, after-sales service will not be as good as when you buy carpets from big-box stores.

Online furniture stores

Many people have an aversion to buying online because they cannot touch the products by hand and check the product’s quality directly. Many online furniture stores now allow you to offer samples or swatches first to check the colors and materials before ordering the item. Refund and warranty policies are also better than ever.

Some reputable online furniture stores
Some reputable online furniture stores (source: Freshome)

Prices on these furniture stores are also very competitive. In particular, large e-commerce sites like Amazon often have promotions and shock discounts on special occasions. You can easily find carpets from Amazon with reasonable prices for every budget.

Final words!

In short, you should limit shopping for furniture in the months when consumer demand rises. When buying, you should look closely at the various retailers and stores to make sure you get the right carpet for your home at a reasonable price.

When buying carpet, besides the price from the supplier, you should also consider the following factors:

Hope you soon find your dream carpet!

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