Normally when it comes to an expansive flooring option the bedroom, there are 5 popular bedroom flooring options. They range from hardwood flooring, cork flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring to carpet tiles. The last option is actually the most different one compared to the rest due to some characteristics.


Carpet tiles, also going by another name of modular carpet, constitute a justly popular flooring option mostly for commercial environments or several other projects with low level of complicacy. Carpet tiles are made up of smaller, mostly square cut of carpet from wall to wall rolls.

The component tiles of the whole carpet set are usually available in a range of size, from 48 x 48 (cm), 50 x 50 (cm), 60 x 60 (cm) to the largest with dimension of 96 x 96 (cm). or to imagine in another way, carpet tiles looks, and plays similar roles as normal cement or porcelain flooring tiles, the only difference is in the materials, which is similar to all other carpets to be made of manufactured fabric.

Hexagon Carpet Tiles (illustration)

As mentioned above, the most common shape of small carpet tiles are square ones. However, diversity still exists and there are some manufacturers who produce carpet tiles in other shapes and sizes such as triangle and hexagon. There are even options for customizing carpet tile size, shape, thickness, material and patterns. It is just that the more complexity, the more cost it endured.

Carpet tiles sometimes act as the alternative to wall to wall carpet. In most cases when distinctive customization is not required upon installment, carpet tiles are of the favor for several designers, architects or space creators.

Mechanism behind carpet tiles

So how can these pieces of carpet of similar shape and size come into functionality in flooring? The answer is that these specially designed (mostly square, again) pieces are made to lock down in a way no different than mass standard carpet flooring. Some of the tiles, usually chosen at some key location on the floor, are made to be adhered to the floors using a specific type of glues. The rest of the tiles are either nailed down with basic hammer and nails, or stapled down (using specialized industrial floor staple of course). Carpet tiles are designed to go down easily. They are often designed in solid or flecked berber of different colors and mixed between complimenting color to enhance visual aesthetics. The colors are usually blended in checker or mosaic patterns to create unique but professional looks. Many people might not like the look of carpet tiles due to there preferences, however, the style is really coming back for the modern day.



As Carpet tiles are popular and owns for itself a high presence in most places, they sure do have certain competitive advantages compared to other friends of the same flooring league as followed:

Cost and time savings

Widely applicable for the small and flexible sizes, carpet tiles are considered an easy fit for most room and environment. Moreover, they are also easy to lift, move and installed being put on a comparison with a normally considered more superior option – wall to wall carpet.

Also, upon using carpet tiles, the installment material waste is also minimized. Much less cutting is needed, especially in rooms with those unwanted nooks and odd corners. Carpet tiles of good quality are also very light and easy for moving around or installments, and thus are highly favorable by installer worker. Hence, carpet tiles are considered the utmost effective way for not only cost-saving, but also time-saving means of flooring for spaces. Without doubt, carpet tiles are highly of choice for those with a tight schedule and low spending point.

Ease of removal

These carpet tiles are not only easy upon installing, but they are also easy on the returning round of removing. In case of wear and tear or degradation, carpet tiles user can be able to remove the old single piece and replace with the new one just in the spots where it needs update installment, not with the whole floor area. Even though wall to wall carpets can be spot-treated as well, but the process does not go through as easily as with individual pieces of carpet tiles. What is more, the process of ordering similar materials in smaller pieces from wall to wall carpet manufacturers can incur many difficulties.

Another maintenance advantage of carpet tiles, in comparison with other alternatives, is that the tile can be easily lifted in case of wanted access to the concrete floor system beneath. This means technicians could maintain their easy access to many places under the floor when needed, and these serves as a considerable advantage upon the flooring of areas that are subject to frequent changing.

Thermal insulation, sound dampening and cushion surface

With the use of carpet tiles, the floor can be guaranteed against heat loss. The use of carpet tiles can help the room preserve its temperature and remain warm, yet create a comfortable feeling for the feet at touching point. What is more, carpeting also has the sound minimizing effect. The carpet fabric could help absorb the noises and keep room, especially bedroom with less noise. Besides, carpet tiles provides a cushioned surface and increase safety for space user. Chances of broken things upon falling and injured upon small in-house accidents are put to the minimum level, compared with other hard and rigid type of floor.

Design flexibility

Compared to wall to wall type of carpets, carpet tiles offer greater design flexibility. Recent new dye technology paves ways for a larger range of available colors and patterns on the carpet tiles, which is not available to wall to wall carpet. With the application of dye after cutting the pieces of carpet into individual tiles, the design are made perfectly from one tile to another. With wall to wall carpet, complex design and only be custom made.


As wonders as carpet tiles create, there are still some minor disadvantages these types of flooring incurs that we still need to consider. First of all, using carpet tiles inherently signals the risk of a broken-up looking floor after times. Chances of the floor to begin to wear out are unavoidable. So do expect the fraying to come to certain edges of the floor. As a result, this can make the whole floor look more into pieces that it should, or than how you wanted it to not look alike. Fraying takes years to occurs and takes years to start having severe effects to the overall aesthetics. And at the same time, the life span of the tiles also depends of the activities and maintenance of the owners.

Apart from the risk of fraying, carpet tiles user also face the risk of disfigurement at some points. Most commonly, there is a rubber backer that comes with each carpet tiles, to act as the backbone for sewing in fabric. There are a small chances (really very small, and really in miniature percentage) that the backing of the tiles comes in disfigured from the manufacturer error. This can create oddly shaped or warped tiles, mostly in extreme temperature or improper storage.  Additionally, the use of carpet tiles also prose a question upon cleaning process where it required specialized treatment. However, it is still possible to change the shape of the tiles by cleaning with water over time or just be careful regarding the storage condition.

Are carpet tiles suitable for bedroom?

Overally, all the above mentioned information all serve to answer one question being posed since the beginning of the article, that “whether carpet tiles are suitable for bedroom or not?”. As we can see, carpet tiles possess several advantages, outnumber some of its downsides. The benefit of cost and time saving, as well as flexibility are outstanding to consider carpet tiles to be of favorable space décor and flooring option.

Are Carpet Tiles Suitable for Bedroom?
Are Carpet Tiles Suitable for Bedroom?

However, as stated in the beginning definition part of carpet tiles, this type of flooring are favorable in mass commercial environment, compared to smaller spaces like household rooms in general, and bedroom in particular. In order for the advantages of the tiles to work best, with exponential effect in cost and time, it is better to use them in a mass and large area for economic benefit. Also, carpet tiles are more suitable for big public spaces where the cleaning process are often the specialty of one industrial specialized team. The use of carpet tiles in small spaces can create stifling and stuffy effect for the small room. It is still better to keep a home a home, with simple and to the point furniture, easy to clean yet still remains certain sense of functionality as well as aesthetics.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, bedroom should be place of haven where people spend a few hours of the day to chill and recharge, preparing for the tomorrow coming with hassle and tassle, hence, besides basic requirement for the bed and bedding, the carpet would also plays a key role in stimulating such sensation of calmness for the house owner.

Amongst all types of carpet, carpet tiles are the one with least amount of softness. Hence, the much needed effect of the softness carpet usually bring is not flourished to its peak with the use of carpet tile. What is more, bedrooms are places with little foot traffic and rarely does it happen that the travelling of pets inside the home could affect greatly to the maintenance of normal type of carpet, other than carpet tile.

Hence, all things combined, it is not necessary that house owner would need to use carpet tile in the bedroom area. In fact, carpet tiles are suitable for more commercial and public spaces. Carpet tiles might be suitable for bedrooms, but the type of more open space and public room of relaxation at offices, kindergarten or hostel and motels.

If you have not yet made a decision, consider the unusual materials installed in the bedroom.

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Hope the articles bring you useful information!

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